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Rudy Jones' Journal

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  2009.02.19  19.43
I am haveing a post birthday party, this saturday.

Hello all if you know me then you are invited. I tryed to make a list but i cant remember everybodys full names vrs thee fursonas. So basicly i know to many people and have crappy spelling so not every one was on Rachs List. So show up to my party dammit. ::smiles::: bring your own trees and beer and anything you want to share. We are going to try and get a turn table up in that muther too.


  2009.01.12  17.13
THe Wizard Needs Food Badly. Ahhh I love life.

NO much going on cept work and sleep and airsoft.


  2007.11.29  21.38
Hello Every body

I have a new cell phone number its (925)-667-6751

call me yall i miss everybodys

Lots been going on, Im working an average of like 50-70 hours a week.

     Trying to pay off bills i know i ow somebody money they should call me.
I should be driving more here soon, so thats nice. Been tryign to draw more i just need people to kick it with.
I have been playing a whole ass load of Call Of Duty 4 for the PS3. I like to butcher fools with the kbar. They always look real suprised right before you stick a knife in there chest. Knife beats body armor sucker. My screen name for ps3 is Drjonesrudy just in case yall want to add me. and me xbox 360 name is drrudyjones. Well hit me up

     By the way bat man the animnated series on dvd is the shit. You should watch it, in fact i command you to watch it. me and Kira been kicking back and sleeping or working. If any one wants any portraits, you should let Kira know. She is useing new digital gear now its very impressive, It talks to the lights and sets off the flashes.

I ordered some  gi joes off www.bigbadtoystore.com they have some cool shit. 

Well thats about it. Hit me up laters


  2007.06.22  11.24
Ahh moring wood.

Dont you just hate it when you have a hard on and it wont go away, and your at work?


  2007.05.25  14.27
Go to fanime or play airsoft thats thought.

SHit fanime is this  week end. I could go party with anime heads or i could go shoot at people.

IM not sure

Iether way ive lost my voice twice this week from my allergies messign with me.

So either way im a little horse.


  2007.04.23  13.34
I live in nowhere land.

Howdy kids. Living out in the middle of nowhere is cool. Im working on getting my internet set up. Well have  good un.


  2004.11.23  23.31
moved in

I bought frogs this week. They seem to be doing ok. They are the white's tree frog type. I need t find new shocks for my car there starting to give out. thats what happens When you put 00 shocks on a 01 car, They dont work dur. Well not much else is new.


  2004.09.27  23.55
Here comes the music here comes the music here comes the music.

Andy farley rules. ive heard this song like a bijillion fucking times and im still not sick of it.


  2004.09.27  13.44
dude i so knew it.

Your Penis Name is: Elvis


  2004.09.27  00.08
moving on wednesday. uhh uhh

So yah moving time is comign up im so stocked. It shouldnt be to bad, all my stuff is still in boxs from my last move in the beginning of the month. So im going to be shairng a wall with Rayce. Ill make sure to put my sub on that wall. HAHAHAH Im not sure but i think its possible to jump from my window to the deep end of the pool.

On an off note i just purchased BUBBA HO-TEP. Its Bruse Campbell as a really old elvis and Ossie Davis as JFK. Oh and they fight a mummy. Its a really wierd movie some wee along tyhe lines of six string samurai. Yup well im out.


  2004.09.12  21.19
Dude i live out of bags. yippe

So yah on wednesday my house is forever sold. No more live-no-more = livermore.

Im living with kira at her parents untile i can find a house, so that will make for interesting times. Hum, the burn was very windy. God i live in bags. oh and kira say's. " I wish best buy was open." She has "dowritto" breath, but i love her anyways.

Bush Speak translator: "dowritto" = A fine chese flavored chip, made from corn.


  2004.07.14  22.49
ahh friends

dude i was so pissed off today comign back home in traffic after findign otu that the guy whos workign on my tnak is still fuckng aorudn. and i wanted to just run my car into somthign but instead i picked up my phone and called lumi. thankls lumi for talkign to me for a bit. Ive noticed that talkign with friends even if its somthign thats totally unrelated to the thing your pisse doff about. well it helps.


  2004.07.10  17.31
WHat the fuck.

Dude my mom is pissing me off. Anyways. ANyone wann move into an apartment. haha Looking at creekside terrace in hayward. Its nice looking lots of trees and 2 pools and no pissed off mothers. Work has been ok latley. Still waiting on the fucking gas tank for my motorcycle.


  2004.07.08  20.49
Need for speed.

So yah ive been playing need for speed alot latley. I needed somthign to distract me while my motorcycle tank is being painted. Those bastards are taking for ever. I was thinking of putting together a camping trip some time in the first part of August. If anyone is interested let me know. So anyhoow, Im gettign my civic this week. Bu fucking yah. So that's for all you haters out there, WORD BITCH. Haten on a brother for having a rice rocket. Its cool. ) Oh by the way thanks for the party Lumi, lost, Ama, Blue, John, and bevin, Oh and Racye. Sorry Racye i still ow you like some bowl ramen. Ill have to come over and make you guys food. Oh well see yah later.


  2004.07.02  17.27
Man its so loud in here

When they stop the drum machine and i can think agian ill remember what it was.


  2004.07.01  17.17
Oh man im gettign a new car next week.

SO yah lifes not bad im half way threw summer sumester and looking forward togoign to the burn this year. Hopfully lumi and lost will be going with us this year.

OK ok so lumi i know how you hate riced otu civics and dont have much love for grip driving but check it out. http://www.jtautostyle.com/hondacivic117_big.htm Yah rice is good. cept its red. Well thats abotu it. my bike hsoudl be bakc together soon so thats nice. Well ill talk to you all later.


  2004.06.08  18.39

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Get your own at Hamstar's Noodlebar!


  2004.06.01  14.58
The time for food is at hand

Hello kids. was wondeirnf if any oen would liek to come over for dinner on wednesday ngiht around 5ish mabey later im cooking and feel free to brign things wiht you. ie food leaf your game boy. movies. well anywyas. call me let me know 925-292-5066


  2004.05.11  13.22
Burn burn baby burn

I finally got of my ass and went about a new helmet yeterday. got the same one i used to have cept for like 2 dollars less.
I have been in an intresting state of mind latley. I have been haivng reacuring flash backs of my head hitting the ground at 45 miles an hour, in my sleep. I need to get my ass out and visit you guys some time. Jessup is coming down on the 28th of aug so yah might drag her over. Hum Oh yah and i cut a huge fuckign hole in my finger at work on monday and bled all over one of the dish washers haha. SO yah bleach bleach bleach.

Thats about it been building low rider bikes and what not for the burn. Going to go to berkley today if anyone is intrested call the cell phone 510-909-7737 Yup thats about it. Hugs


  2004.04.27  22.04
I got my wings clipped but now im back.

As everybody knows I crashed, Like a big 230 pound bag of rocks. A bag of rocks that is going 45 miles an hour. But im better now and Soon my bike will be to My fairings came today and so did my new gas tank. So within the next 2 weeks i should be back and running. Oh and I got ahol dof the jessup Woot. So thats nice. We have like 5 people going to the burn this year 2 of them are burn virgins haha. So thats about it. nothing else new miss you guys. Hope yah all had a good 420. ill try and make it down to say hi this week end. Well peace out.


  2004.04.26  22.32
Well IM still a free man

Was thinking abotu it yesterday and was liek holy crap the end of may is comign up and thats me and kiras one year. wow thats fuckgin awsome. However its also when my probationary hearign comes up. Dude thats scary. I need to make sure im clean as a whistle. OH buy the way fuck the goverment and all there backwards ass bull shit.

And fuck william randolth hurst and the rest of those fuckign old barrons. there the main reason Da ganja be ilegal.

Heres why. Hemp makes great paper better than trees and oil from the seeds makes excellent fule for internal combustion engines. NO fucking lie. So there yah go. Rich fuckers who dont want mexican cash crops of hemp ruining there little money bagging enterprises.

Yes i know my spelling sucks i dont car. hahah

Love to you all.


  2004.04.14  21.42
Look what i found Rf amplifiers

Ok so like im in the cal state hayward parking lot teaching kira to ride her scooter.Well i stumbled across 5 boxs of motorola Rf amplifiers. Was wondering if any one knows what the cost on these things is. There brand new still in box. Oh if it helps the part number is GI P/N C207-808-001 and the serial number is c03n6010b1300189 SO yah thats about it was just trying to find out how much these frigging things are and if any one wanst to buy them.

So yah thats about it.


  2004.04.02  19.48
FUck i hate having gasoline in my blood

Man ive been so fired up all week. I want a new car dammit. or at least a car thats new to me.

Oh well what cna yah o right everythign costs money. I want to go out and look at miatas but dont know shit about them. Is between a honda si or a maza miata. THe si is kinda pricy, however its running o to 60 in 7.5 seconds. OR if i cna find one and ae 86 toyota toreno. It dosent help me that i just bought a drift racing dvd. Oh well what cna yah do. Dave let me know when your free we need to go out and look at cars. im goign to get my accord back some time in August and im looking at a selling price of somewere between 12 adn 14 grand adn a dealer trade in price of like 11 grand flat. Well anywyas things are good im walking with out a cane or crutchs and mos tof my scabs are gone. The biek still needs a new gas tank and a new choke lever and fairings for the left hand sie but what can yah do. I went down to

Oh ? for yah lumi Does the miata have an lsd?


  2004.02.17  15.56
Shit niggahs

You're a ghetto stoner! Everybody loves you 'cause
you know your shit. you like to sit back, drink
a 40, smoke a blunt, and maybe go for a drive.
What a life!

What kind of stoner are you?
brought to you by Quizilla


  2004.02.16  21.32
Happy birthday for me. I fell like im five years old. hehe

HAy Boys and girls. This has been the best v-day slash birthday in records history for me. Kira and her family took me up to the snow this weekend. I tired to teach kira to snow board, she kinda got the hang of it. We will take her up agian and teach her more, We are both really sore. OH I hit my head on multipule hard objects this week manly door frames and car doors. I also went off a huge giant cliff that Unbinounced to me was there, gliding 15 feet off the edge before falling 25 feet into a huge pile of fresh powder and then crusing down the hill. Oh and i did a cart wheel on the board park and dislocated then relocated my shoulder. and since there was kids around I couldn't swear, so I laught like an evil genius instead which frightend them more.

I aquired a new yamaha amp this week end to. Yah for birthday money. Well kira is yawning and im kinda tired so all see you all later.

Hay Dave What yah doing this week end let me know.

Oh and thnkas for calling and wishign me a happy birthday. HUgs


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